Month: May 2012

  • pellet guy 

    Do you like the look of that powerful gun Bond is holding? It’s Walther all right. But not a PPK. It’s a Walther competition pellet gun.
    Photographer David Hurn had a studio in London. When Sean Connery and the Dr. No art director arrived, the art director realized that he had forgotten the Walther PPK for the shot. How he could have forgotten that important prop is another story. But by chance, photographer Hurn had a Walther LP Mode3l 53 4.5 caliber competition level air pellet pistol. He used it to kill rats that were over-populating his basement.
    So the new 007, Sean Connery, posed with that airgun. They figured that they would photographically shorten the barrel during the retouching stage. It some shots that were released it was, in other shots it wasn’t.
    That famous shot of James Bond was created because of the photographer’s battle with rats. No rats, no iconic 007 photograph.
    When something doesn’t go right, like the art director forgetting that important prop, improvise, adapt and overcome. It might turn out better than your original plan.

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