November 21, 2009

  • garage-20-zoom James Bond Lifestyle in Jesse James’ ‘Garage’ Magazine

    At news stands now. Garage magazine issue # 20 recommends the JBLS sayiing:

     “The baddest M.. F… seminar of them all is ‘How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle’.”

    Hear Sample or Download.

    JBLS box

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  • The James Bond Lifestyle Seminar is one of the best “how to” seminars on CD today. Both my girlfriend and I agree. What? You thought it was only for men? Wrong answer! In today’s age of female agents this lifestyle is more relevant than ever for both men and women.
    Paul’s JBLS is serious guidance for people who want to get on top and stay there. Unlike other motivational efforts this one starts from the beginning and takes you step-by-step through a proven process of making your life more positive, healthy and fun. The guidance offered is in my opinion the best I have ever heard~ bar none.

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