August 14, 2010

  •          art_elvis_031408      Elvis Saved My James Bond Project

    Fear is the key on a new project. Embrace the fear and use it’s energy.

    Twelve years ago I was driving to Los Angeles to record ‘How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle’. Suddenly I got scared, thinking people would laugh at me and say, “Who does this jerk think he is, telling me how to be James Bond?”

    I felt like calling the studio and canceling my recording. But then by chance, the audio-book I was listening to in the car about Elvis Presley, came to the part where Elvis was preparing for his 1969 comeback TV special.

    He was very scared to go in front of millions of people after being away from live performing for 10 years. But he over came it and went out front of live audience, that would be televised to millions of viewers.

    Hell, I thought. If Elvis could do that, who am I to be scared of recording in front of the engineer in the studio? And so what about putting my book on Amazon? Elvis was risking getting laughed at by millions. So what if a couple of guys laughed me?

    The results: it wasn’t refered to as ‘The Comeback Special’ for nothing. And as for me, guys DID laugh when they heard the title of my seminar.

    Now, years later, after teaching my seminar at the Learning Annex and getting great reviews on Amazon, my expression, ‘James Bond Lifestyle’ appears in magazines when referring to a rich lifestyle, as it spread via my project into people’s minds.

    So, when business gets scary. Remember the Eagles’ song: “We may lose and we may win though we will never be here again……. so take it easy.”

    Or remember the first words Elvis sang at the beginning of his comeback show: “If you’re looking for trouble, you came to the right place.”

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